Video Project

For this assignment, we worked with partners as we gathered video footage to create a video project. It needed to be 2 to 4 minutes long and include 2 or more sources. The project could be on an event or non-event feature news story or even promotional. Esther Seville and I decided to do a non-event feature story on what college students think about having Starbucks in the Laramie community.

This assignment was very fun for me. It was really nice working with Esther and getting to know a new medium. I also thought it was exciting to talk to random people in the community. It was nice that the sources for the story could tell their opinion first hand and I didn’t have to worry about paraphrasing what they said incorrectly or putting their quote into the wrong context. It relieved the pressure. Some thing that I did not enjoy was the confusing movie editing process. That wasn’t as straightforward as I thought it would be. Also, we had an idea for a different story, but after three people were contacted with no replies to us we decided to do a different topic. Other than that, I had no frustrations and I really enjoyed the project overall.

Something that surprised me was the time it took. It really didn’t take as much time or intense editing as I thought even though we did have trouble figuring out iMovie. I was also surprised at how many people were willing to be filmed we asked about seven or eight people overall to be interviewed and no one said no. Something that could have been done differently is that I should’ve checked the memory card in the camera. Because it ran out of space we were unable to use an interview that had really good content. It also would have been good if we would have asked a couple more questions or questions subjective to the specific person getting interviewed. I say this because the answers were often very short and were not always usable.

I see video being very useful in a future career. I am unsure of what that career would be yet though. I can see myself producing videos if I worked in any field of journalism. Even being a writer for a paper, I would enjoy making video supplements for a feature story. Also, if I were a social media director video would be very important and I could even use Vine as a platform just producing 7-second videos. I am not sure what I will be doing in the future for a career, but I do hope that I get to use it in the future.

This project was so enjoyable I wouldn’t mind producing videos just for fun.